• Ron Hill — [DECNT]

    Ron Hill — [DECNT]

    Engineer, musician, artist, creative entrepreneur. Father loving life & making the world a more decent reality for all by building a Decentralized Reality.

  • Asaduzzaman Tutul

    Asaduzzaman Tutul

  • Michael V.

    Michael V.

    # <developer>

  • Stu Cavill

    Stu Cavill

    Agile leader with a passion for getting the best out of humans in this technology-driven world. All views are that of my own

  • valentebruno


    Ideas that turns into VFX, AR/VR and Mobile Apps

  • Sbthomsen


  • Alex Portelli

    Alex Portelli

    Full Stack Developer

  • vivek nathe

    vivek nathe

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